In collaboration with the African Women Education and Development Partnership Forum, Yoga Without Borders has been sending re-usable sanitary pads, underwear and personal hygiene items to women and girls in rural Cameroon, and providing reproductive health and hygiene education.

We are focusing on girls in rural communities, as these are the children most likely to be affected by harmful traditional practices that discriminate against girls, put their health at risk and perpetuate the cycle of poverty, such as child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Access to reusable pads and underwear, as well as health and hygiene education, helps girls stay in school. Girls who stay in school are less likely to marry early and less likely to have children at an early age. Educated girls grow into empowered women with greater earning potential, who give back to their families and communities.

The African Women Education and Development Partnership Forum is dedicated to empowering women and girls through knowledge and partnerships. Their activities are driven and defined by partnership, and their central focus is on how essential it is to create partnerships between what was traditionally the implementer and the beneficiary; between women themselves and between various approaches to development. Their interdisciplinary approach also brings together other organizations working for the advancement of girls and women. They encourage girls to go to school and stay in school through donations sanitary pads, clothes, hygiene items, and  books.


The staff and students appreciate the gifts of pads, pant and toiletries donated by your organization to our young ladies. We urge you to remember our girls as they wade through the traditionally neglected aspects of their lives – menstruation and reproductive health education. Thank you for this, and we wish that it should continue and be extended to cover more students.

– Government High School Mewnungne – Awing, Republic of Cameroon

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